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Classes, modules and courses

A list of the classes taught in the last twenty odd years

The list is not necessarily complete

  • Business Law, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London

  • Contemporary Legal Issues in Business Management, SBM, QMUL

  • Cyberlaw, Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, 2013~ 2018

  • Intellectual Property Law, UNRN, 2014~2018

  • Media Law, UNRN, 2015~2018

  • Legal Skills and Research Methods, UNRN

  • Legal Theory, UNRN, 2011~2012

  • Advanced Criminal Law, UNRN, 2012~2013

  • Business Law, London Metropolitan University

  • E-Business Law, Londonmet

  • Intellectual Property Law, Londonmet

  • International Trade Law, Londonmet

  • Cyberlaw, Universidad Nacional de La Plata

  • Business Law, Regent's American College of London, January 2004~ December 2009

  • International Business Law, RACL

  • Media Law, RACL

  • International Communications, Webster University (Virtual Campus)

  • International Media Organization and Regulation, School of Communications, Webster University, St. Louis, MO, USA

  • E-Commerce, International School of Management, Paris, France, August 2006~December 2006

  • International Law and Business, Webster Graduate Center, Webster University, London, England,  October 2005~ December 2009

  • Spanish Language, Teaching Assistant,  School of Letters, Nagoya University, April 1998~ March 2002

  • Politics and Economy of Latin America, Teaching Assistant, Graduate School of International Language and Culture, Nagoya University, April 2000~ March 2002

  • International Cooperation, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Universidad de Belgrano, February 1995~ September 1997

  • Regional Integration Law, UB, February 1995~September 1997

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